Project Consultancy
Land & Power Evacuation System
Detailed Project Reports
Regulatory & Technology Selection
Feasibility Studies
Services :

RITI Energy Private Limited, a leading consultancy firm, has been providing a broad array of Services in the areas of Renewable Energy Projects.

  • Project Consultancy.
  • Land & Power Evacuation System.
  • Detailed Project Report.
  • Regulatory & Technological Issues.
  • Energy Efficiency Studies.
  • Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Project & Environment Management Studies.
  • Feasibility Studies.

Apart from the above mentioned services we also assist the Power Developer in :

1. Short Listing of the Latest Technology.
2. Financial Modeling Analysis.
3. Short Listing of Approved and Experienced Vendors.
4 Contouring & Plain Table Survey of Land.
5. GPS Co-ordinate Marking of the Land.
6. Interconnection & Protection Scheme of the Project.

From its inception to this day the critical focus at RITI Energy has been on energy sector in general and renewable energy and energy efficiency in particular. Thus all the Services rendered by it revolve around energy generation, consumption and saving only. Towards this end, we seek to work in close coordination with clients by understanding their specific requirements, and give them necessary support, where needed.

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